Athletic Edge Adventure Park

Located in Salem, OR

Games & Puzzles

Compete in a round of Connect 4 or Jenga — GIANT style!

Shuffleboard and airhockey at Adventure park in Salem, Oregon

Giant Connect 4

It’s Connect 4 — only bigger! Kids of all ages love the larger than life version of this classic game. Work in teams or one-on-one to see who can match 4 colors in a row.

Fun Fact: On a standard 6×7 Connect 4 rack, there are 4,531,985,219,092 possible positions! With so many combinations, this game promises endless fun.

Giant Connect 4 at the Athletic Edge Adventure Park
Giant Jenga at the Athletic Edge Adventure Park

Giant Jenga

The only thing better than Jenga is GIANT Jenga! You’ll have a blast carefully maneuvering giant Jenga blocks out of the tower as you compete to see who has the most skill and grace.

Fun Fact: The wooden blocks in a Jenga game are not all the exact same size. Slight variations and imperfections in the blocks make the game more challenging. You may find that some blocks are slightly shorter or thinner than others.

Games and Puzzles at the Athletic Edge Adventure Park

Fun & Games for All!

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Skeeball and Foosball at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon

Board Games

For date night or for a break in between attractions, grab a board game and get to playing! Checkout board games for FREE while you socialize, dine, and drink. We have a large selection of games to choose from for all ages.

Here’s a list of the board games you can check out when you visit AE Adventure Park (subject to change):

A variety of board games at the Athletic Edge Adventure Park

Family Feud
Movie Trivia
Liar’s Dice
True or False
Jumbling Tower
You are a Liar
Chess & Checkers
Wheel of Fortune
Ultimate Pub Trivia

Hot Seat
Do You Dare?
Music Trivia
Sports Trivia
The Chameleon
True or False
Can You Relate?
Eye Know Trivia
The Big Bar Quiz
Impossible Choices
Playing Card Decks
Two Lies & A Truth
Absolutely 80’s Quiz

Play Nine
Dutch Blitz
Five Crowns
Multiple Puzzles
Taco vs. Burrito
Giant Playing Cards
Mexican Train Dominoes

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