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Table Games

We’ve got timeless table games waiting for you! From shuffleboard and skee-ball, to bocce ball and cornhole, you’ll love playing the day away.

Shuffleboard and airhockey at Adventure park in Salem, Oregon


Shuffleboard is a fun game anyone can play. With shuffleboard, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to the game or a long-time player — this game is always competitive. But most of all, it is a TON of fun!

Fun Fact: The first shuffleboard game dates all the way back to 1532 in England. The game made it to the United States in the early 1900s, eventually becoming a popular favorite for all ages.

Shuffleboard at Adeventure Park in Salem, Oregon
Skeeball at Adeventure Park in Salem, Oregon


Skee-ball is a classic arcade game that puts your throwing skills to the test. Aim for the smallest pockets, and score big. This game is harder than you think!

Fun Fact: Skee-ball tables were originally 35 feet long! They were shortened to about 10 feet, so more players could fit into arcades.


Is it soccer? Or football? It’s both! Foosball combines the best of both worlds. Compete with a friend or family member to get your team’s ball in the goal first. Not only is this game a ton of fun to watch, but it is also a blast to play!

Fun Fact: The longest foosball game in history lasted 61 hours and 17 minutes. The game took place in Austria in 2012 and lasted about 2 and a half days total.

Foosball at Adeventure Park in Salem, Oregon
Come play foosball at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon

Get Your Game On!

Grab a friend, a date, or the whole family — it’s time to get competitive!

Skeeball and Foosball at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon

Air Hockey

Air hockey is a timeless staple in arcades all over the world. Get in on the excitement by challenging a friend to a competitive game today!

Fun Fact: The world takes air hockey very seriously. Since 1974, a world championship tournament has been held every year. Are your skills refined enough to enter the big leagues?

Air Hockey at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon
Bocce Ball  at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon

Bocce Ball

This ancient game has survived for centuries — and for good reasons! This game looks a lot like what one might consider ‘lawn bowling’ and is sure to bring out your competitive spirit.

Fun Fact: The word ‘bocce’ means ‘balls’ in Italian. The game dates back to 5200 B.C. and was discovered in an Egyptian tomb.


Cornhole is popular in nearly every corner of the world. Get your team together and compete against family members and friends, or play one-to-one for date night!

Fun Fact: Depending on which part of the world you are in, cornhole has many names. Some common alternatives include backyard toss, the beanbag game, chuck-o, soft horseshoes, and tailgate toss.

Cornhole at Adventure Park in Salem, Oregon

Are You Up for the Challenge?

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